The Advantages of Motorized Window Treatments

Hunter Douglas offers more motorized window treatments in Cape Coral, Florida than any other company. And there are just as many advantages of having your blinds, shutters, or shades automated as there are ways to do it.

No more hard-to-reach windows – Do you have window treatments that stay in the same position for days or months on end simply because you have a hard time getting to them? Maybe they’re partially behind a piece of furniture or high up on your wall. With motorization, all of your window treatments are within reach because they can be raised, lowered, opened, or closed with the touch of a button on a remote or with your mobile device. For example, with PowerTilt® you can tilt the slats of your motorized blinds without wedging yourself behind your couch or getting out a ladder.

No more struggling with large blinds or shades – The motors Hunter Douglas uses are strong enough to move your largest, heaviest, and most awkward window treatments so you no longer have to. Instead of leaving a room with large windows because the sun is unbearable and the shade is too big, use PowerRise® to lower your motorized shade and diffuse the light or block it out altogether. When the sun is no longer an issue, or you want to enjoy the view outside, simply use the remote to raise the shade out of the way.

No more cords or wands – With motorized window treatments, there is no need for unsightly wands or cords for your children or pets to get tangled in.

Save on heating and cooling bills – Motorized window treatments make your house more efficient and reduce your carbon footprint, automatically. Systems can be set to automatically open and close your window treatments to take full advantage of the sun’s heat when you want it and block out the chill of winter. For example, a PowerGlide system will automatically open, close, or rotate the vanes of the Luminette shade on your sliding glass door.

Save wear and tear on your furnishings and flooring – Using motorized window treatments to diffuse or block sunlight during the day will keep harmful UV rays away from your furniture and flooring.

Look like you’re home, even when you aren’t – PowerView™ gives you the ability to operate your window treatments with your tablet, smartphone, or whole house automation system, even when you aren’t home. You can program your blinds or shades to open or close at certain times each day, or you can adjust them yourself. This feature is great if you are gone all day or on vacation because moving window treatments make it look like someone is home and may convince a would-be intruder to leave your house alone.

If you are located in Cape Coral, Florida and want to learn more about the different types of motorized window treatments and their benefits, talk to the experts at Blind & Shutter Gallery. You can visit their showroom or schedule a consultation in your home.