Should I Choose Faux Wood or Wood Shutters

When you decide to go with shutters as your window treatment of choice, you might think that is all the decision making you will have to make. Unfortunately, you cannot quite turn your brain off there. No, you need to make one more big decision about what material you want your shutters made out of. The real debate is should you get real or faux wood shutters. Both have great benefits, so it is really up to you and your situation. This article is here to help you figure out which material is best for you.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are classic. They have a natural beauty and elegance that no other material has, as no man made compound can match the richness of real wood grain. If you want that natural glow in your home, real wood is the way you want to go. Plus, they are versatile. You can paint them any color so that they can match whatever room you want. Wood shutters are also lighter than faux wood shutters. So if you are worried about dealing with shutters that are too heavy to easily maneuver, you probably want to get yourself some real wood shutters.

Faux Wood Shutters

However, as great as real wood shutters are, faux wood shutters also have plenty of positives. They are extremely durable and have a long lasting finish. That means if you live in a particularly hot or moist area (like Cape Coral, Florida), they will be able to withstand the heat and moisture without fading, cracking, chipping, warping, or experiencing any discoloration. You can have these shutters in your bathroom while taking a shower in the swampiest, muggiest part of Florida on a one hundred degree day and your faux wood shutters will be sitting pretty, as fantastic as when you first purchased them. Plus, faux wood shutters are often cheaper than their real wood counterparts, so if you need to save a buck or two, faux wood shutters are even more of a great option.

Hunter Douglas Shutters in Cape Coral Florida

Hunter Douglas has a long line of great shutters available in both hardwood and faux wood. Classic Heritance® shutters offer all of the beautiful appeal of real wood and are constructed in such a way to make them even more durable than the average wooden shutter. And NewStyle® hybrid shutters or Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters give you all the benefits of faux wood, like heat and moisture resistance, while still looking great and functioning efficiently.

Whatever kind of shutters you decide are best for you and your windows, go to Blind & Shutter Gallery for the best plantation shutters in Cape Coral, Florida.