PowerView Motorization: Smart Shades

With PowerView™ Motorization, your motorized window treatments in Cape Coral, Florida position themselves exactly where you want them any time of day, and it’s easy.

How Motorized Window Treatments Work

Your PowerView window treatments come with a battery-operated motor hidden at the top. While the motor is small enough to remain hidden behind a valance or headrail, it is also powerful enough to lift very large blinds, shades, and sheers. This motor integrates with a variety of different controllers, giving you several ways to operate them.

Remotes – The Pebble Remote Control allows you to adjust several window treatments at one time. Select from six different groupings that you have created, then push a button to raise or lower your window treatments. Push another button to tilt the slats on your blinds or the vanes on your sheers. With the Pebble Scene Controller, you can program different “scenes” that can be activated. One scene might slightly raise or open the slats on your bedroom blinds to let in just enough natural light. Another scene may close all of your living room blinds in the evening for privacy. Not only does this save you from getting out of bed or off the couch, it also eliminates the frustration of trying to get multiple blinds set at the exact same height.

PowerView App – With the PowerView app, you can control every motorized window treatment in your home with your tablet or smartphone. Use the app to program unlimited scenes and color-code them so they are easy to distinguish. Or schedule your blinds and shades to automatically open when the sun rises or close when the sun sets based on your geographical location. You can even adjust them when you aren’t home, as long as you have a wi-fi connection.

Whole-house automation – If you already have some of your house automated, PowerView integrates seamlessly with many of the more popular systems.

Why You Need Them

Energy savings – With window treatments that are easier to adjust, you have better control over the heat that pours in through your windows in the summer, and the cool, night air in the winter. Instead of having to go through the entire house to open or close your blinds, simply push a button on a remote or touch the screen on your mobile device to block out unwanted heat or chill.

Ease of use – PowerView brings out-of-reach window treatments back within your grasp. Skylight shades can be opened and closed, and slats or vanes on blinds or sheers blocked by furniture can be tilted with ease.

Safety – It can be fairly easy for a would-be thief to tell when you aren’t home because nothing in the house changes for an extended period of time. This isn’t an issue with the PowerView app, because you can set your window treatments to change positions automatically throughout the day or move them yourself from wherever you are.

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